Saturday, March 08, 2014

Rosie's Dreaded Car Ride

Not even going to yard sales this morning, not even to the big annual County Arts Foundation one, as Nando's gonna need $150 in cold hard cash that I'd already budgeted for, knowing this was coming up, if he makes this special Spring Basketball Team, tryouts are this afternoon, "Either way, just have fun," I'd stressed to him, "I'm just proud you were even invited considering you've now only played basketball one season."

First he has soccer practice, and somehow I need to get 7 dogs to a Rabies Clinic, this time armed with proof of their last vaccination, so I can get them each the 3 year shot for just $19 each.  However $19 times 7 is $133 more than I wanna spend.  The three year one is pretty optimistic of me, since Rosie, photographed by Tony, is about 14 years old now.  But I don't wanna jinx her and get the one year shot, right?  She's a sweetie, I hope to keep her for 20 years.

But we are talking 1,095 days of rabies vaccinated coverage divided into the mere $19 per dog which comes to $0.0173, way less than a pinch of a penny per day.  Well worth it, and yes, this is how my mind works. Nerdy pays off in a big family's finances, plus I'm blessed with not giving a crap about the finer things in life, gimme some dirt, a hand rake and a spading fork, and I'm happy as a clam.

Oh wait, I'm wrong, Junebug is not due until three more months, as I had her vaccinated when I'd received the free spaying voucher, however that was at a vet, not a clinic, and I couldn't afford the 3 year shot at the vet's office.

OK, today is 6 dogs trotting off with me between everything else. Rosie never wants to get in a car, never does so except for the vet, she's an elderly farm dog who naps on a sofa all day and sleeps upstairs in the Bubba's rooms, she's not gonna be happy about this ride.  Of course all my dogs were cheaply spayed as well, or spayed before I got them.  Last thing we need are unwanted puppies.

It's Daniel's National Guard Drill Weekend which always makes me happy, putting him here with us, this time for three days.  I cooked his favorite black beans and rice tostadoes from scratch which made CJ wail, "Bita ALWAYS cooks black beans."  Yolie loves 'em, so she joined us too while Chuck worked late.

Michael had recently brought over a razor sit down scooter thing from his neighbor for my grandkids, yet even 210 pound Scotty has been enjoying the tar out of it, matter of fact all of my Bubbas have been riding it.  CJ wiped out on it whirling through the kitchen last night, but all is well.

Back to the pediatrician's office yesterday, more for verbal reassurance over the OCD lip picking growth and mess, patient now much improved, as is our weather.  We've used the same pediatrician absolutely for forever, another plus in providing structure and stability.  Same family dentist too, which reminds me, it's again time to start hauling the kids all back in for dental checkups.  I sure do know how to have fun, right?

But you know what then aggravates me?  Many of them when they move out, do not schedule dentist appointments for themselves, as if it's somehow a nerdy Mom middle class thing to do?  They have money for expensive shoes, thus they have money for dentist visits.  Jordans versus teeth cleaning?

I'd picked the pediatric doctor's brain yesterday on a few issues, as I'm prone to do, so much more in this world that I need to know.

I transplanted all the Abe Lincoln tomato seedlings yesterday into larger pots, I'll do the rest as I get time, but nights are above freezing all this upcoming week, I believe I'm gonna take them to my unheated greenhouse and save $$$ on my electric bill what with the grow lights burning, plus I'll get to clear off the long kitchen counter between kitchen and living room, and thus my stress levels decrease along with clean sight lines of bare spaces.

Between everything else, I need to keep slapping seeds in the ground of spinach, lettuces, radishes, chard, carrots and other cole crops.

JoJo's liking some girl and asked me a rhetorical question, "Mom are you busy this weekend?"

Ya think, son?

She's gonna hang with us today, as we get it all done, he hung with her family last weekend.

I'm not the kind of mom to get all buddy buddy with the many and various crushes my teenagers have, I can barely muster much of a response at all, using all my emotional energy on my own kids, knowing the crushes are always so transitory, especially because with the emotional issues my kids have due to abandonment, they often, and usually, drive others away.

I'm polite and all that, but hey, I have a lot to get done each day.

Daniel was talking to CW about that last night, how he didn't bring home random girls to meet mom, how he maintained his own focus through college, then it goes without saying, how well he later married after meeting and choosing the very lovely Megan.  Both CW and Nando tend to hang on Daniel's every word.

Tabby's soccer team is starting up their practices, she's joining the Palm Sunday and Easter Kids Choir practices, this is good, she loves all this, and I love for her to be involved in positive activities, her inner bossiness well used as a leader.  Being the aunt to 26 nieces and nephews has given her plenty of practice.

On Wednesday nights, she's in a Leadership Class under my own mentor Tracy who literally has a PhD in Leadership.  Folks, you can't buy this level of support, knowledge and increased emotional support we've found in our church and community.  I know we are blessed.

I found some inexpensive softball cleats from Sports Academy that I can order online for the three boys, Martin, Allen and JoJo, all  playing church league softball, even though Martin is 20 years old, I still wanna get his for him.  I'd rather he be doing something positive like this, than to have him be out in the streets partying.  He's been filling out job application after job application, getting discouraged, but fortunately he's still eligible for that WIA summer employment in which he has participated in for several summers and socked every single penny away in his bank account.

Now that ability to not blow money makes me very proud of him, he did pay for his own Galaxy Samsung phone, I still pay for his Verizon services though on our two family plans. In return he helps me out each day for a bit.