Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sure Did Take The Sting Out Of Yesterday

"You freaking hit mom!" Allen raged at the one he'd just been fighting with, finally subdued, but just barely, by Martin, Chuy and Dubs.

I'd wanted to blog about the earthy taste of freshly dug taters, not about fistfights.

I was equally as angry, "You slung me down," I yelled.

"Go to Yolie's right now," I ordered JoJo, the one who'd punched me, who was now shaking with fury.

Sabrina tried pushing him out the door, he balked, and Allen was breaking free, only to be re-tackled, landing against my 8 foot tall shelves of plants, all of whom must've possessed an extraordinary sense of gravity, not a one toppled to the ground, unlike me.

I grabbed my truck keys and bum rushed JoJo out the door, yanking and pushing him, speeding off, jumping out at Yolie's house, barefoot, out of breath and fighting tears. I got JoJo in there next to Chuck and raced back up my dirt driveway to tend to the aftermath, afraid of what Allen might be doing.

Somehow Lily'd gotten Tabby, Jack, and Nando over to Grandma's side of the house, locking that dividing door behind them. Yes we have Safe Plans.

Allen locked himself in his room, banging around, slinging furniture, and I grieved for the new hardwood floors I'd put in there last winter. I went around to the porch, looking in the window he'd broken out, "Dude, you're not mad at me, talk to me," but he wouldn't do so. He fell face forward on his bed, ignoring my entreaties.

They'd been getting ready for me to drive them to the church for Forward, when Allen and JoJo, who are normally crazy about each other plus a million percent emotionally dependent upon each other, my Emotional Twins, but who can fight like two raging demon possessed maniacs at the drop of a hat, got into it with each other.

I'm a little sore this morning, but heckfire I'm 57 in less than a month, I'm not built for this mayhem, and I'm frustrated about it. Honestly, I don't feel it'd even be proper to call 911 and wait for the deputies to get there, they could hurt each other too badly in the meantime, neither of them would back down, this I know, their later remorse at having hurt each other, and me, is surprisingly high, yet they can't put two and two together and stop this angry behavior.

The rest of the kids were angry at them. "Let it go," I later advised. "I'm OK."

I'd been in the living room, ten feet from their bedroom when the ruckus started, they spilt out into and through the walk-through laundry room, landing in the back end of the kitchen with me holding on for dear might, trying to break 'em up.

I can NOT allow any fight to progress. They would fight until one of them was seriously injured. I'm mandated to concentrate on family safety, but I gotta tell you I'm seriously concerned about my skeletal frailness in comparsion to them. I'm outweighed, they're taller, they don't have inner brakes, they're very violent, and they're muscular.

Jonathan tried to help me stop them and was quickly, easily flung aside, all 160 pounds of him. JoJo rared back to punch Allen but clocked me in the front part of my shoulder, right before Allen slung me across the floor.

Sabrina's very strong too, but terribly outweighed and over-matched. FINALLY someone had run down the hall and gotten the three older boys who didn't hear the commotion over two fans going in their room, plus they were horsing around happily like boys are supposed to be doing.

Martin came barrelling through the laundry room and grabbed Allen, I don't even remember the rest, it all happened so fast and was so frightening and violent. A few minutes later we were all still breathing heavily. I do know that it took all three older boys to get Allen restrained and calmed down.

JoJo was crying on Chuck's sofa, eventually falling asleep in a slump.

They both refused to go to Forward, something they spiritually needed desperately. I needed 'em to go, there was now no one left with me to break up another fight. But they'd gotten it out of their system, they do this about every six months and maybe I ought to just be thankful that they don't attack others, but save it for each other?

I however have had a busted lip and plenty of bruises. That ain't right at all. Their other two older brothers, Fabian and Edgar, did the same, once taking about ten of us to break the two of them up when they were in a violent fight.

Fabian was just arrested for fighting. Anyone else here remember the number of times their birth sister, Vanessa, was suspended from high school for fighting?

I can NOT get it through their heads that fighting doesn't solve anything ever for any reason.

They think I'm the idiot.

JoJo later fretting over me, "Are you OK?" his eyes filling with tears.

I don't even know how to answer such ignorance.

No, I am NOT OK.

This is not how normal human beings live.

Allen refused church today.

OK, that means it'll yet be another month until I'm willing to drive him to get a learner's permit. He's virtually unable though to connect this immediate consequence with his actions, no matter how reasonably I try and explain all of this to him. He thinks I'm just mean, or arbitrary.

In the midst of all this, or technically much later when the dust had settled, I kept Ray and Hazel so Sarah and Preston could go to AthFest where they ran into Gina and took twin sister pictures. Twins? Sarah's so much taller than Gina.

Miss Lisa just zipped into our house after church, bringing the leftover pudding from Children's Church and cutting me a huge chunk of cake that she was taking over to her sister Susan's birthday party. "Oh no!" Don't cut it from her cake," I'd lamely protested, practically drooling. I'm thinking Susan won't begrudge me a piece, right?

Dadgum it was good, incredibly delicious. Sure did take the sting out of yesterday.