Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday's Funeral Procession

Our Internet got blasted by the storms, I’m writing a word document, because writing’s how I cope. Funny thing is, yesterday after I’d barfed it all out, I then walked away from the computer, refreshed even though I’d not , nor couldn’t, hit publish. It’s the act of writing that I so need each day.

I took the kids with me to line the Atlanta Highway, as the police chief had suggested the citizens do, in order to pay our respects. I was subdued by the solemnity of it all, the amount of police cruisers was astronomical, two lanes of them took 47 minutes to pass us by, police officers from Charlotte, North Carolina and Arlington, Virginia joining all the police from our state who’d sent representatives.

Officer Kandy on Facebook said she’d seen reps from New Orleans and Chicago as well.

The streets were lined the entire ten mile route, we were down near the cemetery where they transported his body into a horse drawn carriage. Thousands of folks completely silent, fighting tears. Seeing lawmen cry will sure shake you up.

This was so senseless and such tremendous loss here.

My children were certainly quiet.

We’d already had a ruckus here because another kids irrationally blamed me for all the ills in the world, he shut down, and wouldn’t go with us. Everything is my fault, especially the fact that they’ve been adopted, as if I slithered around kidnapping kids from their real parents.

Oh wait, that’s how lawmen are treated as well, disrespected for attempting to uphold the law. Sneered and jeered at, attacked and assaulted as they protect us ungrateful citizens and we hardly give them a thought until we need them.

I have a medical week coming up, the first week of Spring is now chilly and rainy, Chuy’s getting an MRI on his bum knee, Nando’s getting that cyst removed, and I have two other such appointments. We also have Dr C and Dr. Mandy appointments.

Here I go.